What is the CE Marking?

CE marking

The CE marking is something that you have likely come across in the past, as it appears across many different products, but you may not be quite aware as to what it means and why it’s there. The simple answer is that this marking indicated European conformity for the product with which is resides, although there is more to it than that.

Here at Mundy Structural Steel, we have CE marking accreditation at Standard BS EN 1090-2:2008 + A1:2011 – Execution Class 2, which means we understand the importance of this marking. This is why we will help shed light on it in our latest blog post below.

What Does ‘CE’ Stand For?

To understand the CE marking, it makes sense to first know the meaning of the acronym. ‘CE’ is the abbreviation of the French “Conformité Européene,” which translates to literally mean “European Conformity.”

Why is it so Important?

The CE marking is so important as it signifies that a manufacturer complies with the essential, European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation that has been detailed in the corresponding Product Directive. A ‘Product Directive’ is the document that details the essential requirements, performance levels, and harmonised standards that need conforming to.

Essentially, as a declaration of conformity and responsibility from the manufacturer, should you see a legitimate CE marking, the product will have been assessed to ensure satisfaction of the appropriate legislation.

Is it a Legal Requirement?

A CE marking is required (for the applicable products) to allow these products to gain access to EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and the European Union Market.

Significant for Trading in Europe

In essence, the significance of the CE marking is that is represents a product that complies to the regulations and requirements that have been implemented by European legislation which allow it to be traded in Europe. This marking is to help regulate products and ensure the safety of their consumers are not harmed.

Mundy Structural Steel

If you are on the market for structural steel or stainless, and would like to work with a contractor with products that bear the CE marking, look no further than Mundy Structural Steel.

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