How Utilising Stainless Steel Can Benefit Your Construction Project

With the construction industry reportedly experiencing economic growth and recovery this past year, new construction projects are becoming a much more financially viable prospect. Steel has played a huge part in construction since the industrial revolution, but why has this trend continued today?

In our latest post here at Mundy Steel, we look at how the use of stainless steel (as well as structural steel) can have a hugely beneficial impact on your project – both during development and once complete.

1. Incredibly Ductile Yet Strong Metal
Steel continues to be the number one choice for construction, and with good reason. It’s incredibly strong and durable, yet ductile so it can be moulded into any desired structural shapes without compromising on strength. Steel allows for creativity in the design phase without having to worry too much about either design or structural logistics causing compromises in either respective area.

2. Completely Recyclable Material
Whether you’re using structural steel for the construction aspect, or stainless steel for the architectural work (such as gates, fencing, balconies, staircases etc.), one of the key benefits of this is being able to completely recycle the materials you’ve used. So whether your building is renovated or rebuilt, or the architectural aspects are removed or need to be changed, then the material you have can be recycled without any loss of structural strength.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing Architectural Work; First Impressions & Curb Appeal
One of our key services here at Mundy Steel is providing a range of practical yet visually appealing additions to constructed buildings. Whether it’s architectural works that are purely there aesthetically or practical yet stylish aspects like balconies, staircases or fencing, these kinds of additions all serve as a durable and stylishly modern way to accentuate the build. From increasing curb appeal in residential properties to improving that all-important first impression for clients at a commercial premises/office building, even the most seemingly aesthetic addition has important benefits.

If you’re undertaking a construction project and require quality structural steel or architectural stainless steel products, then look no further than us here at Mundy Steel. We’re able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for your project – whether it’s developing commercial buildings like offices or hotels, or construction residential properties like homes or apartments.

We can provide steel for the entire process, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of your project. For more information, browse our website or contact us direct by calling us on 020 8818 6930.