The Importance Of Maintaining Your Image At Your Company’s Site

From Google to Apple, Lloyds Bank to the Hearst Corporation, transforming company architecture into a branding strategy is big business for multinational household names. With a big enough budget, your office or workshop can become a landmark.

There are many reasons for doing this, but the fundamental one is that images are worth a thousand words; they stick in the mind, and are not easily forgotten.

Whether you’re a worldwide established brand, or a small company with a loyal following, the psychology and basic impact of visual messages is still the same:

  • We recognise brands and their character in a literal split second
  • The meaning and significance of your business venture is conjured from a host of stored associations
  • We get a feel for the value of something long before we’re able to verbally articulate why it’s good or bad

In everyday life we know that red equals danger, that oak and pinstripe equal prestige, and that less is often more. The same is true when it comes to building design, and the visual character of your business premises sends signals and triggers responses in your customers based on these shared associations.

In the same way, we know that concrete equals grim necessity, while walls of sheer glass and stainless steel highlights create a sense of clean, crisp professionalism. This is good news because it means that you can create the same impact without the need to build lavish, extravagant structures.

Whether you want to boost staff morale and productivity or instil a sense of trust in your prospective clients, you can achieve the same professional image with the simple addition of an ornately fabricated gate or polished stainless-steel balcony on the front of your building. Much research has been developed over the years that demonstrates the importance of the entrance to your business, showing that a few extra details here and there can turn a chance enquiry into a warm lead before the customer has even entered your premises.

Almost every building has features that are underplayed and have the potential for enhancement. To make the most of your first impressions, contact us to find out how we can turn your building into Your Building. As specialists in the detailing and erection of stainless steel fabrications for almost 25 years, experts here at Mundy Steel are ready and waiting to help you enhance your professional image.