Three Ways to Give Your Commercial Property a Contemporary Edge

Stylish design and functionality do not necessarily have to be at odds. If you own commercial premises and think that style and design are not as important in these locations as they are in residential properties, think again.

Researchers and marketing specialists have found that buying behaviour is largely driven by visual stimuli, so making a few changes in your commercial premises to improve aesthetic value can go a long way. Detailed below are a few design ideas that commercial enterprises and businesses can use to give their premises an attractive and contemporary look.

Go beyond the main building
Most clients and visitors will form their first impression of your business well before they have stepped into your main building, so be careful not to not overlook the appearance of your outside premises and structures. For example, you could have a go at minimalistic landscaping and create eco spaces in your parking, entrance or garden areas.

Create open areas
A carefully designed open plan office or shop floor can drive customers in as these spaces feel more welcoming and inviting. Don’t just limit the open areas to the shop floor or the main office, as you can make the most of the space available in reception areas or staff rooms utilising this method too.

Go green
Green design is one of the trademarks of contemporary style. Both business owners and consumers are increasingly coming to realise that green is better in every possible way, so why not incorporate some eco friendly design ideas into your commercial premises? One interesting suggestion involves the creation of a green roof as your premises will not only stand out from others in the area, but you will also enjoy better insulation throughout the year.

One important thing to remember is that you must make the right choice of materials. For all your contemporary design projects, be sure to choose materials that combine a modern look with durability. Glass and stainless steel are particularly appropriate for creating a contemporary look in commercial premises.

At Mundy Steel, we can help you achieve a contemporary look with top-quality steel fabrications. We deal with both structural and stainless steel, although some of our most in demand services are bespoke stainless steel installations in commercial premises. Contact us today to give your business a contemporary edge.